2021-03-21 Erik Andresenasr_vosk: Allow to handle keyword and command in one... master
2021-03-21 Erik Andresenasr_vosk: add comments
2021-03-20 Erik Andresenadded asr with vosk
2020-10-26 Erik Andresenfix some urdf inertias
2020-10-24 Erik Andresenrevert www changes from last commit
2020-10-24 Erik AndresenAdded full_coverage_path_planner launch file
2020-08-03 Erik Andresenadd self_test script
2020-08-03 Erik Andresenconvert base node to c++
2020-07-28 Erik Andresentinkerforge imu: switch node to tinkerforge_imu_ros
2020-07-27 Erik Andresenimplement and use tinkerforge_imu2 node in cpp
2020-07-27 Erik AndresenFix naming of dynamic reconfigure files
2020-05-17 Erik Andresenwww: properly set image hostname
2020-05-16 Erik Andresenurdf: Rotate manipulator by 180°
2020-05-13 Erik Andresenremove ir sensors
2020-04-12 Erik Andresenurdf: antenna fixes
2020-04-12 Erik Andresenurdf: added antenna
2020-04-03 Erik Andresencostmaps: increase inflation layer from 0.2 to 0.22
2020-04-02 Erik Andresenwifistrength: flush
2020-04-02 Erik Andresenconfiguration with manipulator
2020-04-02 Erik Andresenwebcam: use static device
2020-04-02 Erik Andresenupdated pyshared
2020-04-02 Erik Andresenavr motor_ctrl: watchdog configuration
2020-04-02 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vontaene/home/erik_alt...
2020-04-02 Erik Andresenwww: speed control
2020-04-02 Erik Andresenwww: added hostname variable
2020-04-02 Erik Andresennavigation stack tuning
2020-02-25 Erik Andresenglobal_costmap:
2020-01-30 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-01-30 Erik Andresenavr nano: Added Manipulator 12V enable/disable
2020-01-26 Erik Andresenurdf fixes
2020-01-15 Erik Andresenpath_following: Fix printf
2019-10-30 Erik Andresenremoved razor imu config
2019-09-04 Erik Andresendwm1000: correct spelling errors
2019-07-16 Erik Andresenurdf: Add gazebo laser configuration
2019-07-14 Erik Andresenwt_node: battery capacity
2019-04-20 Erik Andresenrtl_sdr_strength: Increase bandwidth
2019-04-19 Erik Andresenavr nano: Fix adc sample rate
2019-04-05 Erik AndresenAdded
2019-01-01 Erik Andresenavr: test i2c fixes for status = TW_NO_INFO
2019-01-01 Erik AndresenAdded webcam.launch
2018-12-28 Erik Andresenwww: reconnect after error
2018-12-08 Erik AndresenAdded pocketsphinx script
2018-12-08 Erik Andresenledstripe: Spin faster than 1s
2018-10-27 Erik Andresenstartup: Only enable teleop if dip bit is set
2018-10-27 Erik Andresennavigation/global_costmap: Include laser sensor, overwr...
2018-10-27 Erik AndresenAdd rplidar_a2 stl
2018-10-27 Erik Andresenswitch from xtion 3d camera to rplidar
2018-10-22 Erik Andresenwifistrength: swap quotation marks 3dsensor
2018-10-20 Erik AndresenAdded script to log wifi strength
2018-09-29 Erik Andresenwww: Restore default pane
2018-09-29 Erik Andresenwww: use vue.js-components to avoid duplicates
2018-09-28 Erik Andresenwww: Split js and css into own files
2018-09-27 Erik Andresenledstripe.rb: Fix Exception
2018-09-27 Erik Andresenadd rosruby to package.xml
2018-09-27 Erik AndresenCMakeLists: Require OpenCV
2018-09-27 Erik AndresenMove led stripe out of wt_node into own node in ruby
2018-09-22 Erik Andresenbase_local_planner: Reduce acc_lim_x for less shaky...
2018-09-06 Erik Andresenwww: fix typo
2018-09-05 Erik Andresenfollow_uwb: check angle changes
2018-09-05 Erik Andresenwww: use vue.js
2018-07-30 Erik Andresendwm1000: Reset estimate when we loose the dwm so the...
2018-07-30 Erik Andresendwm1000: use 2d kalman instead of 2x 1d
2018-07-27 Erik Andresendwm1000: Always send transform even if there are no...
2018-07-15 Erik Andresendwm1000 kalman: Check covariance < 0
2018-07-15 Erik Andresendwm1000: variance dependant on distance
2018-07-14 Erik Andresendwm1000: Added service call to calibrate center
2018-07-08 Erik Andresendwm1000: Ignore outdated distance values
2018-07-08 Erik Andresenwww: Add mouse cmd_vel div
2018-07-08 Erik Andresenwww: Force readonly on colorpicker fields
2018-07-04 Erik Andresenfollow_uwb: Variable speed dependant on distance to...
2018-07-04 Erik Andresendwm1000:
2018-06-30 Erik Andresendwm1000: Use kalman filter for beacon position, not...
2018-06-30 Erik Andresenchristmas: fix stop time
2018-06-29 Erik AndresenAdded script to follow tf uwb beacon
2018-06-29 Erik AndresenAdded dwm1000 script to localize tf beacon
2018-03-04 Erik AndresenRemove sim_granularity for usage on ARM
2018-03-03 Erik Andresenlogging: Use null handler for logger_root
2018-03-02 Erik AndresenAdd sensor_board to wild_thumper.launch
2018-03-02 Erik AndresenSet logging timestamp
2018-03-02 Erik AndresenAdded screen-startup file
2018-03-02 Erik Andresenurdf: sonar sensors to 5°
2018-02-04 Erik AndresenCorrect rollover protection
2018-02-04 Erik AndresenAdded rosbridge websocket
2018-01-27 Erik Andresenwww/teleop: Slider unit to m/s
2018-01-26 Erik Andresenwww/lights: Support multiple leds at once
2018-01-23 Erik Andresenwww: Added minicolors colorpicker for lights
2018-01-04 Erik AndresenAdded initial rosweb file
2017-12-28 Erik Andresenavr nano: Added nanoesp pin mapping
2017-11-25 Erik Andresenanalyzers: rename voltage to power and add current...
2017-11-25 Erik AndresenAdded camshift test script
2017-11-25 Erik AndresenAdded script to follow coordinates from another gpsd
2017-11-12 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: Disable engines after 1s off inativity
2017-11-12 Erik AndresenImplement current reading
2017-11-05 Erik Andresenmisc avr fixes
2017-10-22 Erik Andresenmove_base/amcl: Increment rotational noise
2017-10-22 Erik Andresenwt_node: Implement docking check
2017-10-18 Erik Andresenwt_node odom: Also set z velocity to 0
2017-10-18 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl fuses: Set bootflash to 1024 words
2017-10-18 Erik Andresensimulation: switch robot_pose_ekf to robot_localization
2017-10-14 Erik AndresenSet sonar angle to 10° degree