Activate rollover protection only when moving and default to max pwm
[ros_wild_thumper.git] / avr /
2017-01-20 Erik Andresenupdated motor pid values
2017-01-16 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: set avr frequency to 5MHz
2017-01-14 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: Disable pwm output on value 0 to avoid...
2016-10-28 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: pid tuning
2016-10-28 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: tune odometry from umbmark
2016-09-06 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: break when going to fast
2016-08-30 Erik Andresenpid tuning for gear ratio=1:47
2016-08-14 Erik Andresenuse esum to stop motor when stalling to avoid damage
2016-08-13 Erik Andresenfix angle velocity
2016-07-16 Erik Andresenpid fixes
2016-07-13 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: pid tuning
2016-07-13 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: migrate to 4x VNH2SP30
2016-05-01 Erik AndresenRevert "Transision from 4x TLE5205 to 2x VNH2SP30"
2016-04-16 Erik AndresenTransision from 4x TLE5205 to 2x VNH2SP30
2016-04-01 Erik Andresenfix motor direction after error state
2016-03-31 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: pid tuning
2016-03-25 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: handle tle error state
2015-12-23 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: do handicap on both directions
2015-12-18 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: lower Brown out level to 2.7V
2015-10-11 Erik Andresennano: provide wrf read only values
2015-09-24 Erik Andresenumbmark correction
2015-09-22 Erik Andresenavr: calibration from umbmark
2015-07-10 Erik Andresenavr/nano: move avcc as adc reference
2015-06-14 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: odom fixes
2015-06-13 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: handicap fixes
2015-06-13 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: handicap: sep forward, backward
2015-06-06 Erik Andresenset tle error flags high
2015-06-05 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: fix angle reading
2015-06-05 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vontaene/home/erik_alt...
2015-05-31 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vontaene/home/erik_alt...
2015-05-31 Erik Andresenavr/motor_ctrl: implemented handicap
2015-05-29 Erik Andresenavr/nano: added voltage measurement
2015-08-14 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vontaene/home/erik_alt...
2015-05-29 Erik Andresenavr: clk back to 4MHz, optimize uninterruptible parts
2015-05-26 Erik Andresenavr: remove test variable, fix tle error status
2015-05-25 Erik Andresenavr: increase clk to 8MHz
2015-05-25 Erik Andresenavr: added speed & pose calculations
2015-05-24 Erik Andresenavr: fixes, pid tuning
2015-05-24 Erik Andresenavr fixes
2015-05-07 Erik Andresenadded initial avr motor_ctrl
2015-05-07 Erik Andresenavr/nano: added srf sensors
2015-05-06 Erik Andresenadded initial avr/nano program