Add third sonar to ros config
[ros_wild_thumper.git] / data /
2017-01-20 Erik Andresenadded power_consumption.txt
2017-01-20 Erik Andresenupdated pid values ods
2016-10-28 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vontaene/home/erik_alt...
2016-10-28 Erik Andresenpid tuning data
2016-10-01 Erik Andresenexploration tuning
2016-07-16 Erik Andresenpid tuning with fixes
2016-07-13 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: pid tuning data and added helper script
2016-03-31 Erik Andresenmotor_ctrl: pid tuning
2015-08-14 Erik Andresenmove_base: updated to new speed control, added odom...
2015-08-14 Erik Andresenadded test_speed script
2015-05-15 Erik Andreseninitial hpec sav based path following