robot_pose_ekf: use vo for gps input as it will work without active gps
[ros_wild_thumper.git] / launch /
2015-10-17 Erik Andresenrobot_pose_ekf: use vo for gps input as it will work...
2015-10-12 Erik Andresenekf: gps fixes
2015-10-11 Erik Andresen-navigation stack fixes
2015-09-22 Erik Andresenmove_base: don't launch mapserver if nomap is set
2015-09-06 Erik Andresenadded, tested with simulation
2015-09-06 Erik Andresenwild_thumper.launch: add joint_state_publisher
2015-09-03 Erik Andresensimulation/gazebo: added controller for imu, range...
2015-09-03 Erik Andresenadded gazebo simulation
2015-07-23 Erik Andresen3dsensor: reduce depth resolution
2015-07-19 Erik Andresenadded waypoint script
2015-07-18 Erik Andresenadded gpsd client
2015-07-11 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vontaene/home/erik_alt...
2015-07-11 Erik Andresenadded move_base
2015-07-11 Erik Andresenrenamed to
2015-08-14 Erik Andresenodometry tuning
2015-08-14 Erik Andresenadded robot_pose_ekf
2015-06-13 Erik Andresenadded 3dsensor
2015-06-05 Erik AndresenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vontaene/home/erik_alt...
2015-06-05 Erik Andresenmove_base: use imu to control motor handicap
2015-08-14 Erik Andresenmove_base: updated to new speed control, added odom...
2015-04-05 Erik Andresentuning
2015-04-04 Erik Andresenadded teleop, move_base for cmd_vel